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All about Captain A.Runeheart

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Northern England.....woo, Team Thornton XD
Job/hobbies :
reading, writing, making short films, dance, piano, music.
Humor :
dorky little private jokes....I also find humor in other people's unfortunes.
The Army You :
5' 2", and rather petite, blue eyes, light brown hair
ok, so i am a big dork...i like twilight, lotr, star trek, star wars, all sci-fi stuff..i'm into all of it...babylon 5, deep space 9, fire fly..the whole shabang

music....the good side of the 80's as in Joy division, new order, talking heads....stuff from the MADchester sound. I'm also a HUGE U2 and Oasis fan.
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Captain A.Runeheart
Captain A.Runeheart
Rank: Training with Captain Bri and Auorora
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