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 Bri's Tent for New Moon: Movie Discussion (Possible spoilers inside?)

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PostSubject: Bri's Tent for New Moon: Movie Discussion (Possible spoilers inside?)   Sun Nov 22, 2009 6:50 pm

So the boards have been dead lately, and I know a lot of you are busy right now. (I'm a little busy myself, actually.)
But I thought I would try to perk things up a bit and get the boards going, as long as this is allowed? I wasn't sure where else to put it. I was going to post it on the Lex but I figured it would be easier for some of you to stay spoiler-free here.

New Moon just came out and I was wondering what you all thought of it. And speaking of spoilers, for those who haven't seen it yet, let's try to keep spoilers vague and to a minimum, OR you can put a bold warning before it like this, so that everyone knows not to read it. Please and thank you! ^_^

Personally, I LOVED it. A thousand times better than Twilight, and I loved how close it was to the book! : D My only problems with it were that there wasn't enough Jasper, and there were some scenes that I just couldn't help but laugh at. Will get to that later. Laughing

(By the way, this is totally off-topic but guys, can you believe it? We're a year old now!)

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Bri's Tent for New Moon: Movie Discussion (Possible spoilers inside?)
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